Perancangan Prototype LKS Materi Operasi Hitung Bilangan Bulat Untuk Peserta Didik Sekolah Dasar

  • Putri Cahyani Agustine, Fitri Apriani, Iis Juniati STKIP Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung
Keywords: First Prototype, Student worksheet, Integer operations


Mathematics is a universal science that underlies the development of modern technology, has an important role in various scientific disciplines and advances human thinking power. Mathematics need to be given to all students starting from elementary school to equip student with the ability to thinki logically, analytically, systematically, critically, ceatively, and the ability to work together.  The stages of sequential aspects in mathematics are number, geometry, and measurement and processing of data. Form the mentioned aspects, it can be seen that the subject of numbers is the initial stage that must be mastered in mathematics.  Numbers are basic subject that are very important for students to unsderstand because they are the basis for other subjects. One part of subject of this number is an integer. For this reason, thua study aims to develop teaching materials in the form of integer counting material student worksheet for elementary school. The research is initial stage  of development reseach. The research subject were fourth grade of elementary school number 42 Pangkalpianang. This fresearch was carried out in teh preliminary (preparation) and formative evaluation (self evaluation) stages which produced the first prototype of student worksheet for intger operation material for elemantary school