Peningkatan Kemampuan Pemecahan Masalah Matematika Melalui Model Pembelajaran Auditory, Intellectualy, Repetition

  • Dodik Mulyono Stkip pgri lubuklinggau
  • Atika Nur Hidayati Universitas Lampung
Keywords: Mathematics; AIR Model; Problem Solving.


This study was aimed at investigating and analyzing the improvement of mathematical problem solving abilities through AIR Learning Model (Auditory, Intellectual, Repetition). The students’ low interest in mathematics which effected the low ability to solve mathematical problems became the main problems of this study. This is a Classroom Action Research (CAR) that was carried out in two cycles. The research subjects were students of class VIII-A of Odd Semester of SMP Negeri 26 Bandar Lampung with total number of 28 students. Data collection for each cycle used test and observation techniques. Data analysis techniques consisted of: 1) analysis of the results of observations, 2) analysis of the results of tests of problem solving skills. To check the degree of data trust, this study used triangulation of other researcher, namely the headmaster, mathematics teacher, and students. Based on the results of data analysis, it could be concluded that there was an increase in students' mathematical problem solving abilities. The imrovement could be seen from the pre-cycle in which there were only 2 students(7.14%) who could pass the test and 26 students (92.86%) who did not pass the test. It was found an increase in the first cycle in which there were 4 students (14.29%) who could pass the test and 24 students (85.71) %) who did not pass the test, then in cycle II, there were 8 students (28.58%) who past the test and 20 students (71.43%) who did not pass the test and in cycle III, there were 20 students (71.43) who pass the test and 8 students (28.58%) who did not pass the test.