INOMATIKA <pre>Title : Inovasi Matematika (Inomatika)<br>Website : <a title="Website-Inomatika" href=""></a><br>Publisher : STKIP Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung <br>ISSN : 2656-7245 (online), 2656-7431 (print) <br>DOI Prefix : 10.35438 <br>Subject : Learning, Teacher and Student in Education <br>Frequency : Bimonthly approximately 14 articles <br>Language : Indonesia (id) <br>Citation : Google Scholar <br>Archive : Archive RJI <br>OAI : <a title="oai-inomatika" href=""></a></pre> Pendidikan Matematika STKIP Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung en-US INOMATIKA 2656-7431 Kepercayaan Diri dan Komunikasi Matematis Melalui Project-Based Learning <p>The purpose of this study is to improve the students' self-confidence and mathematical communication by implementing Project-BasedLearning in the semester VII. This type of research was action research with two cycles. The research instrument consisted of learning tools and data collection instruments in the form of tests of mathematical communication skills and student self-confidence questionnaires. Data analysis used was descriptive qualitative narrative analysis and descriptive statistical quantitative data analysis. Based on the data finding, it was faound that: 1) The learning process had improved seen from the observations of the teaching and learning process, and 2) Mathematical communication skills and student confidence had increased.</p> Fahrurrozi Zoatul Wardi Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA 2020-01-24 2020-01-24 2 1 1 11 10.35438/inomatika.v2i1.174 Pengembangan LKS Berbantuan Geogebra for Smartphone Mata Kuliah Kalkulus Diferensial pada Materi Pertidaksamaan Fungsi <p>The study was conducted due to the unsatisfied results of students’answers and interviews on Differential Calculus material in which the studentsgraphically did not understand the interpretation of a function that was being solved and were not proficient in manipulating algebra, therefore, no solution was found. Based on these findings, a geogebra-assisted worksheet for smartphones was designed to improve students' understanding onthe topic of inequality. This study aimedto develop student worksheets in understanding the topic of inaccuracy in a function. This worksheet consistedof two parts that help students buildingtheir own understanding onthe graphic form of an equation and its solution both graphically and procedurally through algebra. To see the feasibility of the worksheets, expert validation and practicalitytests were conducted to students. The results of the revision were then distributed to 10 Untirta Mathematics Education students who were taking the MK Differential Calculus. Students spent 60 minutes to complete it. They tried to find thesolutions to the problems given with the help of geogebra for smartphones, by firstlysolving them graphically and finding the points referred to in the Cartesian diagram. Then,they solved the problemswith algebraic manipulation as a form of confirmation of the answersobtained. After completing the whole worksheet, it was shownthat the students couldsolve the problems graphically well.points referred to in the Cartesian diagram. Then,they solved the problemswith algebraic manipulation as a form of confirmation of the answersobtained. After completing the whole worksheet, it was shownthat the students couldsolve the problems graphically well.</p> Aan Subhan Pamungkas Eka Rachma Kurniasi Anton Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA 2020-01-24 2020-01-24 2 1 12 21 10.35438/inomatika.v2i1.160 Peningkatan Kemampuan Pemecahan Masalah Matematika Melalui Model Pembelajaran Auditory, Intellectualy, Repetition <p>This study was aimed at investigating and analyzing the improvement of mathematical problem solving abilities through AIR Learning Model (Auditory, Intellectual, Repetition). The students’low interest in mathematics whicheffectedthe low ability to solve mathematical problemsbecame the main problems of this study. This isa Classroom Action Research (CAR) thatwas carried out in two cycles. The research subjects were students of class VIII-A of Odd Semester of SMP Negeri 26Bandar Lampungwith total number of 28 students. Data collection for each cycle usedtest and observation techniques. Data analysis techniques consisted of: 1) analysis of the results of observations, 2) analysis of the results of tests of problem solvingskills. To check the degree of data trust, this study usedtriangulation of other researcher, namely the headmaster, mathematics teacher, and students. Based on the results of data analysis,it couldbe concluded that there wasan increase in students' mathematical problem solving abilities. The imrovement could be seenfrom the pre-cycle in which there wereonly 2 students(7.14%) who could pass the testand26 students(92.86%) who did not passthe test. It was found anincrease in the first cycle in which there were4 students(14.29%) who could pass the testand 24 students(85.71) %) who did not passthe test, then in cycle II,there were 8 students(28.58%) who past the testand 20 students(71.43%) who did not pass the testand in cycle III,there were 20 students(71.43) who pass the testand 8 students(28.58%) who did not passthe test.</p> Dodik Mulyono Atika Nur Hidayati Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA 2020-01-24 2020-01-24 2 1 22 37 10.35438/inomatika.v2i1.162 Implementasi Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Dengan Siklus ADE Berbasis Portofolio <p>The purpose of this studywasto increase students’motivation and learning outcomes related to the implementation of cooperative learning models with a cycle of activity, discussion, and exercise based-portfolio. Classroom Action Research (CAR) was conducted in thethird semester students designed with two cycles, in whicheach cycle had plan, implementation, observation, and reflection. The collected data were dataabout students’learning motivation and students’learning outcomes. Then the data were analyzedbyusing descriptive statistics. Based on the results of data analysis in the first cycle,the average of students’ learning reached 58.55 and in the second cycle,the average of students’ learning motivation reached 82.91. While the average scoreof student learning outcomes obtained in the first cycle was 61.43 and in the second cycle was 79.29. Thus,it could be concluded that there was an increase in students’ learningmotivation andlearning outcomes through lectures by using cooperative learning model with ADE cycle of portofolio-based.</p> Rahma Faelasofi Suminto Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA 2020-01-24 2020-01-24 2 1 38 51 10.35438/inomatika.v2i1.173 Peningkatan Kemampuan Pemecahan Masalah Matematis dengan Cooperative Script dan Blended Learning <p>The purpose of this research wasto find out the improvement of students' mathematical problem solving abilities that were taught by using Cooperative Script Model and Blended Learning. Cooperative script is a learning model by conveyinglearning material starting with sharinga summary of teaching material and then providing the opportunityfor the studentsto read it for a moment and sharingnew ideas into the teaching material provided alternately with each other's partners. The subjects in this studywere 60 students ofMA.Al-Fatah Palembang. The quasi-experimental method used in this study with the test asinstrument in collectingthedata which were thenanalyzed quantitatively using the t-test statistical formula. Based on the result of the calculation, it was found that the average test score of students treated by using cooperative script learning modelwerebetter than those treated by using conventional learningmodel.</p> Rahmawati Anggria Septiani Mulbasari Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA 2020-01-24 2020-01-24 2 1 52 64 10.35438/inomatika.v2i1.159 Pengaruh Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe STAD Terhadap Peningkatan Hasil Belajar, Sikap Sosial, dan Motivasi Belajar <p>The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of cooperative learning of Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) type in improving students’ learning outcomes, social attitudes,and students’ motivation. This is a quasi-experimental study using control and experimental classes. The research instruments used in this study were tests and questionnaires. The data were analyzed by using Multivariate Analysis of Variants (MANOVA). Theresult of the analysis showed that there was a significant influence between the experimental class with cooperative learning of STAD type and the control class with conventional learning viewed from the learning outcomes, social attitudes, and motivation of the students. These results can be seen from the statistical value of Hotelling's Trace which was smaller than 0.05. Cooperative learning simultaneously could improve learning outcomes, social attitudes, and learning motivation of students of SMAN 1 Tebing Tinggi.</p> Dedek Andrian Astri Wahyuni Syarul Ramadhan Fini Rezy Enabela Novilanti Zafrullah Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA 2020-01-24 2020-01-24 2 1 65 75 10.35438/inomatika.v2i1.163 Nisab Zakat Fitrah Dalam Pembelajaran Perbandingan Senilai <p>Mathematical Comparison theory is very important because students are often faced by comparative case in their daily life. Besides, the theory as well as implementation of zakat fitrah must be understood by moslems. Therefore, the the merging of these two concepts is a breakthrough in producing mathematics learning material. The purpose of this study was to produce the learning path in Mathematical comparison learning material by merging nisab theory of zakat fitrahThe method used in this study was design research that consisted of three steps namely introductory design (preparing for the experiment or preliminary design), try out (the design experiment), and retrospective analysis. Data were analyzed descriptively and retrospectively with HLT as the reference or guidance. The subjects in this study were the second semester students of the STKIP Muhamamdiyah Bangka Belitung Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program, with total number of 28 students. The criteria of selective the sample was that the the students were studying a basic mathematics concept course with Mathematical comparison as one of the materials. In this study, students were able to model their respective completion strategies and in accordance with the concept of worth comparison. HLT was designed to bring out students’ creativity in solving problems.</p> Yudi Yunika Putra Adi Saputra Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA 2020-01-24 2020-01-24 2 1 76 92 10.35438/inomatika.v2i1.170